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Probably parents told you many times about how they just hated to cite various writing assignments during their High School and college years. It’s also likely that much of their valuable time was spent on doing such irritating and boring research. So, if you don’t want to seat in front of Microsoft Word window for hours, Essay Typer can help you create an original essay for a couple of minutes. How it works, see below.

Essay Typer is a site that lets a person write an essay on any topic that he/she may need. This free online tool is very easy to use. In order to get text ready, you have to do the following:

  • Enter the title of the essay you want
  • Press the button on the right side
  • Type on the keyboard and a paper appears immediately
Essay Typer

Only three simple steps and you have plagiarism free essay in a matter of seconds. It’s like a real computer magic, isn’t it?  All you need is just to bang on home or number keys, it doesn’t matter and the text emerges on the screen.

What Do People Actually Think about This Free Essay Tool?

In 2012, the American magazine “Atlantic” published an article “Write My Essay, Please!” where all truth about the sites similar to Essay Typer and their users was written. ( see more here: )

According to the professor Richard Gunderman, essay writing is mostly a cottage industry premised on systematic flaunting of the major aims of a current higher education. He also finds that such free online services existence reflects a profound and common misunderstanding of why higher education institutions ask students to write essays first of all.

Gunderman also says that it is alarming for students to hire a person to write a term paper, so they better use Essay Typer deceiving parents that they’re really sitting on the computer and doing genuine work. And, he points out, paying an expert to perform the essay for you, is not technically plagiarism. In this case, the essay-writing services definitely provide you with completely brand-new essays, which weren’t stolen from someone else’s work. It is usually purchased. Nevertheless, the paper was used without any attribution, and the students claim the high grade for work they never did. In a word, they are cheating, not learning.

Teachers and parents spend hours in the Internet searching for tricks and tips which would explain to them how to identify if the student is plagiarizing. A PlagTracker website thoroughly checks your text for plagiarism detecting all stolen information from Wikipedia, Lifehack, BBC and other sources.

Brooklyn Friends School teacher Kathleen Clinchy considers that the modern technology is the easiest way to cheat. She says you can get parents involved and ask them to revise all works with their children in order to prevent cheating in school. As a professional teacher, you have to be able to watch for students plagiarizing or copying from each other, in this case, you just give the pupils their papers back together with highlighted identical sentences and just stare at them until they say something.

The founder of Essay Typer says: “Please don’t ever try to use this legitimately!”. In this way, he wants to take any possible blame off of himself and the website. He also writes: “The magic part is not real and that’s plagiarism.”

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